About Varace Air Corporation


124 Domestic Road,
Manila Domestic Airport
Pasay City, Philippines 1300

  • (Hotline - Fuel)
    Phone +63 (2) 851 7780
  • (Sales)
    Phone +63 (2) 851 7784
  • (Operations Manager)
    Mobile +63 917 8404476
  • (Operations)
    Mobile +63 917 8872545
  • (Administration)
    Fax +63 (2) 853 4704
  • (Accounting)
    Phone +63 (2) 854 7625
  • Email zetacelajado@varaceair.com

Corporate Profile

Aurora P. Acelajado (Dawnee) received the inspiration to put up Varace Air in the last quarter of 2001 when Shell Aviation Manager Jimmy Bongga prodded her to apply as the distributor of Shell Aviation within the Manila Domestic Airport complex.

Dawnee took the challenge to heart and promptly prepared the feasibility study and other documents needed in applying with Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation for the Shell Aviation Distributorship license.

Being still very young and active, highly motivated, and driven by a dream to acheive more, she was determined to move on after April 30, 2002. Thinking positive while praying fervently for the approval of her application, Dawnee started thinking of the best name for the company she would put up and manage after her retirement. With the help of her son Jose Alvaro (Jovar), Dawnee finally made her choice: VARACE AIR ENTERPRISES.

Dawnee and her son got the word "Varace" by combining "Var" ---from "Jovar", her son's nickname--- and "Ace"--- from the family name, Acelajado. The logo--- a "V" and an "A"--- signifies Victory, Expertise, and Leadership ( i.e., an ace being an expert in the given field, as well as an adjective meaning, top notch and first-rate). The V and A are joined together to signify Cooperation and Unity, which are vital to strength and success.

Varace Air Enterprises was born on March 1, 2002.

Dawnee received the distributorship license in April 2002, just in time for her retirement by the end of the same month.

Dawnee and Jovar started marketing Varace Air Enterprises' Shell into-plane services a month before it officially started operations on May 1, 2002. Determined and confident that her friends in the general aviation area within the Manila Domestic Airport complex would support her, and that she could always count on her son Jovar to back her up, Dawnee started the business with high hopes. She conquered the usual start-up anxieties by praying constantly that Jesus Christ, our Lord, would help her and protect her along the way, and that Varace Air would be blessed accordingly.

True enough, her prayers were answered!

The Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) approved her application for Varace Air Enterprises to occupy a bigger office, measuring 86 sq. meters, outside the general aviation area just across Delta Gate along Domestic Road. Varace Air transferred to its new office on September 1, 2002, where it has been operating successfully for the past nine years.

Business has been good for Varace Air, working 24/7, from its first day of operation on May 1, 2002, up to the present. Airspan Inc., became its very first client when it loaded fuel into its AS355F2 Helicopter. Slowly but surely, Varace Air's client-base started to grow, with 95 clients as of December 31, 2010.

In 2006, Varace Air was cited by the Philippine's Bureau of Internal Revenue District 51 -- Pasay City as one of the two Most Outstanding Taxpayers that year (Indvidual Category).

From single proprietorship, Varace Air was registered as a corporation on July 20, 2006.

Varace Air started operating as a corporation on March 1, 2007. Since then, it has continued to service the fuel and lubes requirements of its clients nationwide. Aside from into-plane fuel servicing, some of their clients requested them to transfer fuel , either Jet A1 or Avgas in drums, to different parts of the Philippines, however, considering the high risks involved, the company seldom accepts such requests.

July 1, 2007 is another major milestone in the history of Varace Air. On that day, Varace Air was designated as the authorized Shell Aviation Lubricants Distributor in the Philippines. Varace Air has been selling Aeroshell products since 2004, but it was only in 2007 that Varace Air started importing Aeroshell products from Shell Singapore. It managed to control the prices, to the benefit of its increasing clientele.

To keep up with the changing times, Shell International has changed its global business strategy. Starting October 2009, instead of Varace Air importing directly from Shell Singapore, it has to import from the Master Distributor in Bangkok, Thailand : IIDA-Seven Suns Co. Ltd.. Now Varace Air has to manage its inventory and prices more efficiently because of the distance and procurement time from Singapore to Thailand and then to the Philippines. They strive to cushion the impact of these changes on our clients. Right now, Shell International is rationalizing its global prices and Shell Asia Pacific and Far East have implemented the new price scheme effective May 1,2010.

January 1, 2010 presented Varace Air with an unexpected challenge: the company lost to SafeAir Corporation as the reseller of Shell Aviation. This happened despite the fact that Varace Air grew the market share of Shell from one client to 55 active clients. Unfortunately, resellership was anchored on the bidding of two refueller trucks of Shell.

On the other hand, that challenge brought with it an unexpected blessing. SafeAir gave due recognition to the value of Varace Air, which had built a good name because of the quality of its services to its wide range of clientele. Thus, SafeAir made Varace Air its sole distributor in the General Aviation Area of the Manila Domestic Airport complex. Thus, Varace Air remained and is here to stay with you.

As you may note from the official website of Varace Air, they are changing their paradigm from that of a distributor to a trader, one that can supply you with your aviation fuel requirements anywhere in the Philippines. Thus, today Varace Air maintains business relationships not only with SafeAir but also with Shell, Petron and PTT.