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Jet A-1 is a kerosene grade of aviation fuel suitable for most turbine-engined aircraft; it is the most common jet fuel grade available worldwide (except for USA where Jet A is predominant). In most countries where Jet A-1 is supplied at major airports via joint fuelling systems, the fuel is specified by the Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems (AFQRJOS) Joint Fuelling System Check List. The “Check List” embodies the most stringent requirements of the two major jet fuel specifications – ASTM D1655 and DEF STAN 91-91(NATO Code F-35). By definition, any product meeting Check List requirements will also meet either DEF STAN or ASTM specifications. The Check List is recognized by eight of the major aviation fuel suppliers – BP, Chevron, ENI, Exxon Mobil, Kuwait Petroleum, Shell, Stat oil and Total - as the basis of their international supply of virtually all civil aviation fuels outside North America and former Soviet Union. Some countries have their own local specifications for Jet A-1, the major ones being Brazil, Canada, China and Russia. Although there may be minor differences, they define essentially the same fuel.

Product Application

Jet A-1 can be used in aircraft gas turbine engines, auxiliary power units (APUs), and aero-derived ground/marine based turbine engines, for which the engine manufacturer has approved this grade of fuel. Jet A-1 can also be used in small, General Aviation aircraft equipped with diesel (compression ignition) engines specifically designed for aviation use. Jet A-1 is not suitable for General Aviation aircraft equipped with spark ignition engines.

Features / Benefits

Jet A-1 is manufactured to provide the balanced set of properties required for satisfactory performance in aircraft, viz: good low temperature flow characteristics, controlled volatility, resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation, clean and efficient combustion. Jet A-1 is manufactured, stored, distributed and delivered under the most stringent quality assurance procedures to ensure that only clean, dry, on specification fuel is supplied to aircraft.

Care & Handling

Before handling refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet. This product is only to be used in accordance with equipment manufacturers’ recommendations.

Health & Safety Information

Based on available information, this product is not expected to produce adverse effects on health when used for the intended application and the recommendations provided in the Material Safety Data Sheet are followed.

Typical Properties

Property Max Value Min Value
Density @ 15ºC kg/m3
840.0 775.0
Flash Point ºC
Freezing Point ºC
- 4.7  
Distillation End Point ºC
Aromatics Content %v
Sulfur Content %m


The Jet A-1 specification contains many more parameters, several of which are specific to jet fuel, e.g. thermal oxidative stability. Regarding fuel additives, only those specifically approved by the aircraft and engine manufacturers are permitted. For full details refer to the specification.