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AeroShell Oil 100


AeroShell straight mineral oils are blended from selected high viscosity index base stocks. These oils do not contain additives except for a small quantity of pourpoint depressant (which is added when improved fluidity at very low temperature is required) and an anti-oxidant.


The suffix for each grade corresponds to the viscosity of the oil at 210°F in Saybolt Universal Seconds.

The appropriate grades of these AeroShell Oils are approved for use in four-stroke cycle certified aircraft reciprocating piston engines (except Porsche) and other aircraft radial engines which use oil to specification SAE J-1966 (MIL-L-6082) and which do not require use of an oil containing a dispersant additive. AeroShell Oils are used primarily during break-in of most new or recently overhauled four-stroke cycle aviation piston engines. The duration and lubrication recommendations for break-in vary, so operators should refer to the original engine manufacturer and/or overhaul facility for specific recommendations.


The U.S. Specification SAE J-1966 replaces MIL-L-6082E.

Although it was planned to replace the British Specification DERD 2472 with a DEF STAN specification this has now been put into abeyance and instead the SAE specification has been adopted.

U.S. Approved J-1966
SAE Grade 50
British Approved J-1966
SAE Grade 50
French (AIR 3560/D
Grade SAE 50)
Russian MS-20
NATO Code O-117 Obsolete
Joint Service Designation OM-270


Typical Properties
SAE viscosity grade 50
Colour ASTM 5.0
Density at 15°C kg/l 0.896
Kinematic viscosity mm²/s
at 100°C
at 40°C

Viscosity Index Above 94
Pourpoint °C Below -17
Flashpoint Cleveland Open Cup °C Above 250
Carbon residue % m 0.4
Total acidity mgKOH/g <0.1
Sulphur % m 0.13
Copper corrosion at 100°C 1
Ash content % m 0.006

These products are made in more than one location and the approval status and typical properties may vary between locations.