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AeroShell Turbine Oil 500


AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 is a 5 mm2/s synthetic hindered ester oil incorporating a carefully selected and balanced combination of additives to improve thermal and oxidation stability and metal passivation.


AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 was developed essentially to meet the requirements of Pratt & Whitney 521 Type II and MIL-L-23699 specifications and is entirely suitable for most civil and military engines requiring this class of lubricant. AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 is approved for use in a wide range of turbine engines as well as the majority of accessories.

AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 contains a synthetic ester oil and should not be used in contact with incompatible seal materials and it also affects some paints and plastics. Refer to the General Notes at the front of this section for further information.


U.S. Approved MIL - PRF - 23699F
Grade STD
British Approved DEF STAN 91-101
Grade OX-27
French Equivalent DCSEA 299/A
Russian --
NATO Code O-156
Joint Service Designation OX-27
Pratt & Whitney Approved 521C Type II
General Electric Approved D-50 TF 1
Allison Approved EMS - 53 (Obsolete)


AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 is approved for use in all models of the following engines:

Honeywell TFE 731, TPE 331, GTCP 30, 36, 85,
331, 660 and 700 series APUs.
ALF 502, LF507, LTS101, LTP101, T53,
T55, AL5512
Allison (Rolls-Royce) 250 Series, 501 D13, T56,
GMA 2100, GMA 3007
BMW-Rolls Royce BR710, BR715
CFM International CFM 56 cleared for flight evaluation
GE GE 90, CF6, CT58, CF700, CJ610,
CJ805, CF34, CT7, CT64
IAE V2500 Series, all marques
Motorlet M601D, E and Z
Pratt & Whitney JT3, JT4, JT8, JT9, JT12, PW4000,
Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15, PT6A, PT6T, ST6, PW100,
PW200, PW300, PW500
Rolls-Royce RB211-22B, -524, -535, Trent, Tay,
Gnome, Spey, RB183, Adour, M45H,
Viper (Series MK 301, 521, 522, 526,
535, 540, 601, 623 and 632)

Full details of the approval status of AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 in APUs and other engines/accessories is available.

Grade STD
Oil Type Synthetic ester Synthetic ester
Kinematic Viscosity mm²/s
at 100°C
at 40°C
at -40°C
4.90 to 5.40
23.0 min
13000 max
Flashpoint, Cleveland
Open Cup °C

246 min

Pourpoint °C –54 max <–54
Total Acidity mgKOH/g 1 max 0.01
Evaporation Loss 6.5 hrs
at 204°C % m

10.0 max

Foaming Must pass Passes
Swelling of Standard
Synthetic Rubber
SAE-AMS 3217/1,
72 hrs at 70°C swell %
SAE-AMS 3217/4,
72 hrs at 204°C swell %
standard silicone rubber
96 hrs at 121°C
5 to 25  

5 to 25

5 to 25
Within Limits
Within Limits
Within Limits
Thermal Stability/Corrosivity
96 hrs at 274°C
  – metal weight change mg/cm²
  – viscosity change %
  – Total Acid Number Change
 4 max
 5 max
 6 max
Corrosion & Oxidation Stability
72 hrs at 175°C
72 hrs at 204°C
72 hrs at 218°C
Must pass
Must pass
Must pass
Ryder Gear Test, Relative Rating
Hercolube A %
Bearing Test Rig
Type 1½ conditions
– Overall deposit demerit rating
– viscosity change at 40°C %
– Total Acid Number change

– filter deposits (g)
80.0 max
–5 to +30

2 max
3 max

1.1 0.4
Sonic shear stability
– viscosity change at 40°C %
4 max
Trace metal content Must pass Passes
Sediment mg/l 10 max 2.6
Ash mg/l 1 max 0.05

AeroShell Turbine Oil 500 is also approved for use in the industrial and marine versions of the Rolls Royce Trent, Avon, Allison 501K and 570K, Honeywell TF35, Pratt & Whitney GG3/FT3, GG4/FT4, GG12/FT12, all General Electric LM Series of units, Turbomeca industrial engines and certain Solar gas turbine engines.

A viscosity/temperature chart is shown at the end of this section.